Barcode wristbands are one of those few things that can be both functional and fun. While they can be used to help you keep track of people at a large event or to grant special permissions like access to a VIP section of a gathering, they also make great souvenirs for the people who receive them. If you are hosting an event that welcomes all ages of people, but certain parts of it have an age limit to participate, barcode wristbands can be an effective means of keeping track of everyone and where they are allowed to be within the event.

Barcode wristbands have long been used by the medical community to keep track of patients and their medications, but there are so many other great ways that they can be put to use. Just like doctors and nurses can scan a patients wristband to see how much of a certain medication was administered to a patient and when, you can also use it to keep track of valuable data at your events. If you want to find out which parts of an event are popular and should be repeated again and which ones are not drawing in enough traffic you can give everyone at your venue a barcode wristband when they arrive and have it scanned whenever they want to access a part of the event.

They are a great way to separate those of drinking age from underage participants at an all ages event that has a bar, or you can use them to make sure more important guests have access to VIP sections while keeping hopeful party crashers out. If you have limits of how many complimentary drinks each guest can help themselves too, you can use barcode wristbands to keep track of how many each person has had. All in all they are a great method of keeping track of important data with a crowd.