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Vinyl Wristbands

One of the most popular and durable wristbands, our vinyl wristbands are sure to satisfy. When your event lasts for a week or more, the vinyl wristbands are your best choice. They are strong and long lasting.

We have a strong wristband that is a good alternative to the plastic wristband. It is the same shape and configuration as the Plastic wristbands. These vinyl wristbands can be numbered for free. Edge Glow Vinyl Straightwave creates a unique visual effect. It is translucent and the edges where the die cut creates the shape of the band, gives it a glowing effect in the light. This style of wristband can be custom printed in one color, and is an excellent security wristband.Vinyl wrist bands are designed for long term use. They are very strong and usually have to be cut off the wrist. They come stock with the plastic, one time use security snap. Vinyl wristbands are available in Wideface configuration as well as the 3/4" width. The wideface print area allows for larger printing fonts or more printed information.

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