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L Shape Vinyl Wristbands
L Shape Vinyl Wristbands

L Shape Vinyl wristbands (500)

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Vinyl wristbands are strong and effective security
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L Shape Vinyl Wristbands 

Please note. Each quantity you enter will purchase one box of 500 wristbands. If you want 1000 wristbands, the quantity you enter will be 2.  Thank you. 

Vinyl wristbands are nice heavy duty wristbands that are designed for long time wear. The wristbands are still comfortable to wear. They have plastic, one time use security snaps that work very efficiently to ensure the wristbands are not transferred. Once removed, the male portion breaks off and they can't be used again. They are at home in the water and are used by many hotels for all inclusive use. These wristbands come if several colors and can be numbered or printed upon request. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands

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