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Wide Face Vinyl

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Wide Face Vinyl wristbands are a secure way to color code your event. The wide face allows for a larger print area if you would like to add your logo and text to make it your own design. These can be numbered for free with our stock numbers, meaning we can't guarantee an exact starting number. They will be sequentially numbered through each box of 500. Custom numbers will have a charge of $50.00 per order regardless of the number of colors in increments of 500 per box. These wristbands have the plastic, one time use, security snaps that are so successful in insuring security at events. The male portion will break off if tampered with and can not be snapped together again. There are many color choices for this item which can be seen when you click on the image. If you want custom printing done, you can call to process your order over the phone and get instructions where to send the artwork, or to discuss your concerns about your order. You can reach us at 253 841 4057. If the line is busy, we will most likely be with another customer. Please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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