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Tyvek Patterned

Tyvek wristbands, or tyvek wrist tickets, that we offer at are and 1" wide and 10" long, or 3/4" x 10" long. Most, but not all, patterns are the 3/4 inch size. They are consecutively pre-numbered for added security and have a strong adhesive. This allows tyvek wristbands adhere securely and last through your entire event.

There are tamper-shredding slits on all tyvek bands we sell. This feature makes it almost impossible to remove a wristband from one wrist and transfer it onto another person. The adhesive is strong enough to hold the tyvek band together and if transfer is attempted, the tamperproof slits shred away, leaving the wristband useless for transfer.

Need tyvek wrist tickets for event? Looking for tyvek bands to be used in water parks and other outdoor venues? Tyvek wristbands do all this and more. They are also used to identify a person as being of legal drinking age or as being underage and are popular choice for small fundraising events.

Tyvek material is waterproof and extremely strong; therefore tyvek wristbands do not stretch or tear, hold up well in water and are a very inexpensive form of event security.

Customized Tyvek Wristbands

There are literally hundreds of different combinations which allow you to mix the colors and patterns and help increase your ability to secure your event. There are 15 solid colors of tyvek wristbands available in both the and 1 size and custom printing is available on all of them.

Your order for tyvek wristbands can be customized in many other different ways. Instead of adding custom printing, you can select tyvek bands in different patterns, or you can do both. We also have the ability to offer beautiful 4 color process printing on the tyvek material. Visit our Custom Wristbands page for additional info, or contact us for details and a free price quote on tyvek event wristbands. Phone 253 841 4057 or email [email protected]
  • Come in different colors and patterns, custom printing available
  • Waterproof and strong; dont stretch or tear
  • Have strong adhesive and tamper shredding slits for security
  • Consecutively numbered
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CHECKERBOARD tyvek (500)
 DICE tyvek (500)
Pink Ribbon Tyvek   (500)
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