Hi Dean Everything turned out AMAZING! We just got back from the week long convention and I can't tell you how happy everyone is with the product and how excited we are to have found you and your company. The shipments arrived well in time and the wristbands and charms look fantastic. I really can't thank you enough Cory ******************************************************************************************* Hey, We got them and they look amazing!! We really like the way that they fit and the kids are really excited about them! Thanks for getting this so quickly for us! ************************************************************
It is our hope that you will be happy enough with our customer service and high quality products, that we will be able to add your testimonials to our new webpage. We look forward to working with you and making you happy enough to write to us.
I just had to put this comment in first place on the list. It really is what we are all about.
 Dean, I wish you sold EVERYTHING we need. I'd happily cancel our other
vendors and just work with you. No one gives us this kind of quick and
personal service. And if you could take over the phone and electric
companies I'd really be happy.
Arlene Goldberg
Hi Dean,
The bracelets showed up a few minutes ago and look great!
The best part is that the bracelets are not individually wrapped.
Thanks so much! The quality and service were excellent!

HI Dean, 

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the speed and professionalism of your Service. 

The wristbands are brilliant and they are going like hotcakes, and we are getting funds in from them! 

I would expect another order within the next few weeks.

 Fantastic Service Thank you so much!


Dean, Just wanted to write and let you know that the stub Tyvek wristbands worked great for our event. We had about 900 people attend and were blessed with perfect weather to boot. Thanks so much for all your help to us in making our selection. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Best wishes for continued success, Peg Chapados, Board President

Hi Dean, That has been paid through paypal.

Thank you very much for all of your help it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you.

Please be rest assured that you are guaranteed all of our orders from here on in.

Thanks again and have a great day


You may they look great like always your company does an outstanding job. 

Thanks, Virginia
4 Color Process printing:


I just received them, they look great! Thank you very much, we do a lot of wristbands and you are now our go to guy! I appreciate it. 



Picked up the wrist bands today- they look great !

Thanks so much.

Will definitely contact you soon for another wrist band I need to make – I have sold out and would like to use you for my new supplier !
Thanks again for the great communication and customer service.

Nina  Bianco
Thank you so much! you dont know how much I appriciate your prompt reply, you guys are our number 1 concert and event providers!! thank you!


Thank you!  I must say that you have been awesome to do business with – very cooperative and professional! 

As ususal - Just what we ordered - thank you once again
Thanks Dean- received the wristbands 5 minutes ago and they look amazing! Another job well done J
Thanks for your excellent service they arrived yesterday.thats 4 days to Australia with a weekend included....unbelievable.
I have been waiting for something from Sydney (100 miles) away for over 1 week. Go figure.
Oh and they are excellent.
Thanks again   Geoff
Very fast service and the bracelets look great!  Thanks!
We will let you know when we need a second batch!
Thanks again!  J


Jody Smith
The bracelets are really nice, just what I was hopping for, Thank you very much, and i'll contact you if I want to make an other order.

Jean-Pierre Saab
custom tyvek:
You Rock!!

Thanks so much. Wow! How cool. Very fast!!

  I did receive the wristbands yesterday.
    I'm happy with the way they came out.
    Red was definitely a better choice of color.
                         Thank you.
Yes many thanks I have just seen them in the warehouse. They look brilliant.

 Hey Dean!

I LOVE the wristbands! I was wondering if you'd be able to get the fine detail of the logo correct but you succeeded! Well one and thanks!
All the best and I'll definitly be re-ordering from you when this batch has been given out - they make great portable business cards!

Chloe Mulvihill
Personal Trainer & Fitness Consultant
Thanks, Dean. All I can do is hope for the best. The snow stopped here. Mail is always delivered reliably once it's in New York. I'll let you know. You and your company have done everything I've asked for short of delivering the bands yourselves.
                                         I appreciate your efforts,

The bands arrived today – love them. You run an AMAZING business! Your wrist bands work out to be less than half the price of the supplier we formally used. Even taking into account postage, we have saved a fortune by finding you in our Google search! Plus they arrived in 1 working day (over weekend!). The bands themselves are awesome – very cool colours and designs! Thanks Dean - will definitely deal with you in the future!

Hi Dean
I just want to thank you for your good service. I receive the order today and this is exactly what I wanted. I also want to thank you because you were patient with me. Be sure that your company will be our first choice for next order.
Thank you again

Hey Dean,
Ive got the order thanks very much. They're fantastic.
Thank you very much again,
Got the wrist bands!!! Thank you so very much!! They look wonderful and you saved the day!!! :)
Lee Ann
numbered silicone
Hi Dean:
The bracelets arrived today, and they are perfect.