When compared to simple paper tickets, barcode wristbands take security and guest identification to a whole new level. These high end wristbands are stamped with a unique barcode that can be scanned to identify guests and to offer admission. Wristbands can also be printed with static QR codes on high quality tyvek to ensure that only the right people can enter the event or the festival.

Barcode wristbands are surprisingly affordable

One of the main reasons why most companies are skeptical of considering barcode wristbands for their events is because they think it would be too expensive. Until recently, using such a technology would've definitely been quite a costly affair. However, the advances made in the last few years have now made it possible to create barcode wristbands at a surprisingly affordable cost. For events where security is very important and where access control needs to be easy, quick and efficient, barcode wristbands offer the perfect solution.

Easy admission control

One of the best things about barcode wristbands is that they are very easy to use. Security staff can put the wristband on the guests and the barcodes can be easily scanned to allow guests to easily re-enter when they need or participate in events or competitions. Barcodes are unique and therefore not easy to duplicate or recreate. This essentially means that event organizers can easily keep gatecrashers away from the event and forgeries will be eliminated. When the event is high profile or needs to be kept secret, barcode wristbands make it easier to ensure that only the right people would be able to gain entry into the event.

Eliminate human error

Barcode wristbands offer a number of excellent benefits for events of all sizes and types. Visit Wristband World today to get customized barcode wristbands for your next event.