Socialize With Wristbands At Your Next Event

There are many different uses for silicone rubber wristbands besides wearing them as a bracelet. One of the most popular uses is for parties and events where many people will be drinking the same thing. It can be confusing for people to remember exactly which can or beverage is theirs. Order custom silicone wristbands in different colors to designate different beverage ownership in two different ways.

Our wristbands conveniently fit standard drinking cups. For those using pre-filled cups set out on a table, the wrist bands can be printed with the type of drink on it. Root beer and cola look alike. So do diet and regular drinks. Each one will have a different name on it so that people can find the refreshment of their choice. The wristbands can be recycled for the next event. This works great for schools, sororities, fraternities and company events...

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