Trade Show Marketing Tips

At the time when companies are reevaluating business marketing ideas and demand return on investment for every expense, how can you guarantee that your company will benefit from the next trade show?

A few simple actions on your end can totally change the outcome of your trade show, according to former trade show organizer and marketing expert Don Engebretson.

“Generally the biggest conceptual mistake that companies make with marketing business at trade shows is that exhibitors think they are at the show to give – give away their information, give away free answers and marketing materials. It is completely wrong and backwards,” says Engebretson. Companies go to trade shows to take – take action, take away concerns of the people, and most importantly, to take away their names.”

Don’t give away the consumer too much information that will scare them away. Instead, give the customer enough answers to get an appointment. To accomplish this, there are four key areas to which a company should focus its attention:

-         - Pre-show selling and planning (which might include preparation of marketing materials, brochures and promotional items, such as wristbands with a message, silicone rubber bracelets, tyvek wristbands for events, pens, mugs with company logo, etc.)

-         - Exhibiting a booth;

-         - Selling skills;

-         - Advanced follow up.

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