Since the invention of QR codes, businesses everywhere have been able to advertise and offer deals more effectively to smartphone-owning customers. One can redeem special offers and even download apps by taking a picture of a QR code with a special phone app that can process the code. Redeeming coupons through QR Codes on a card or from the back of frozen foods isn't the only way QR codes can be utilized, though. Select companies print QR codes on wristbands, making the list of QR code uses longer than ever before.

Most QR code wristbands have a one-time-use plastic security snap, or a Tyvek band with a strong one-time adhering strip much like the wristbands used at most amusement parks. Amusement park companies could offer an array of QR code wristbands to their customers online. One QR code wristband could be purchased for entry into the park and others could be used as an incentive to buy a certain number of QR entry wristbands. For example, if a family bought 10 QR entry wristbands they would get 5 wristbands good for 25% off all beverages and food items for one day. Vendors would be equipped with a QR code scanner, where they could check the validity of the wristband.

Job fairs and conventions such as Comic Con, as well as business conventions, could also make use of QR code wristbands. Similar to the way amusement parks would utilize them, conventions could sell tickets by QR code wristband. Job fairs and concert venues could use them differently; most fairs offer prizes that involve checking into certain stations and receiving a stamp. Rather than stamps, a system could be used that would record the QR code being scanned at each location, making it easier for those attending the fair to keep up with the stations and/or tents visited.

Whether you use a QR code wristband for promotional or convenience purposes, or even as a fashion statement, almost everyone has a use for them-even people who do not own a smartphone!