In addition to the by-now-familiar material choices such as plastic, vinyl, and silicone, the wristband industry can offer many new materials options as well. Some of these choices are designed with high security in mind. Other choices are designed for a certain niche market - for instance, hospital patients. Still others are designed for long-term durability. This short, helpful post will acquaint you with new options for wristband materials.

Medical Wristbands
When a patient goes to the doctor for tests or to the hospital for a procedure, they are required to wear a wristband. This is a security measure for patient safety. But it is also important that patients have a comfortable wristband. New medical wristbands are made from a soft, flexible, comfortable material that is completely customizable. Different messages can be custom-printed and sizes for children, women, and men are available. 

Ultra Security Wristbands
Ultra security wristbands are designed so that each wristband is one-of-a-kind - in other words, it cannot be duplicated or counterfeited in any way. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the best way is to embed a holographic image right into the Tyvek (soft, durable synthetic fibers). This way the image absolutely cannot be replicated in any way. 

Woven Wristbands
Woven wristbands are an equally secure option to Ultra Security wristbands. These wristbands use a custom weaving process to weave the synthetic fibers together in your own unique colors. The closure is a crush mechanism that crushes the aluminum ends together - making it impossible to tamper with or replicate. You can also customize the synthetic material with a logo or message for extra security measures.

Neoprene Wristbands
Neoprene is the same material used to make wet suits and waterproof accessories for divers. Neoprene is softer than silicone, extremely hardy even in prolonged wet conditions, and very long-lasting. Neoprene is an excellent alternative to silicone.

Soft PVC Wristbands
PVC is a type of vinyl but it is softer and more comfortable than traditional vinyl wristbands. They are very lightweight to wear and are designed for single use only, so like many other newer wristband materials shown here, they cannot be replicated and re-worn. Soft PVC bands can be completely customized.

"Slap Bands" Wristbands
"Slap bands" are a fun wristband type for youth. They literally "slap" into place, and many can be worn comfortably on the wrist at one time. They are a great choice for kids parties, youth concerts, and other events where children and teens will be present.

With awareness of the new wristband materials options available today, you can find the perfect style for your next order.