Wristbands are put to a thousand uses daily, yet we tend to not even notice. At events, at bars, at parties, at conventions, for security purposes. And while we may notice it being put on their wrists, they tend to forget about it fully until they take it off later in the evening. With that in mind, wristbands are a big deal for those who are putting on that event. They need a way to know who has paid and whether they can be admitted into certain areas, with wristbands being the easiest way to do it. In addition, they need different colors to designate different age groups, or VIP levels. Because paper "sticky" wristbands have a tendency to break and fray easily, spending the extra couple of cents on tear off stub wristbands is a good investment because they don't come off unless someone wants them to come off.

Tear off stub wristbands are preferred by many events because they are cheap and effective. Because they come ready to go, they just need to be tore off the strip, placed on the hand and secured. Because they are plastic, they are made to stay on the hand and not easily come off unless someone wants to take them off. In addition, they come with many notches, meaning that they can fit onto just about any sized hand, as anyone who comes through the entrance can be properly wristbanded.

In addition, the stub of the wristband has a number that can be matched with the body, meaning that they can also be used for drawings throughout the evening. Different coloring options can also be used to designate groups or age-levels, allowing them to be used for drinking and area designation.