Trade Show Marketing Tips

At the time when companies are reevaluating business marketing ideas and demand return on investment for every expense, how can you guarantee that your company will benefit from the next trade show?

A few simple actions on your end can totally change the outcome of your trade show, according to former trade show organizer and marketing expert Don Engebretson.

“Generally the biggest conceptual mistake that companies make with marketing business at trade shows is that exhibitors think they are at the show to give – give away their information, give away free answers and marketing materials. It is completely wrong and backwards,” says Engebretson. Companies go to trade shows to take – take action, take away concerns of the people, and most importantly, to take away their names.”

Don’t give away the consumer too much information that will scare them away. Instead, give the customer enough answers to get an appointment. To accomplish this, there are four key areas to which a company should focus its attention:

-         - Pre-show selling and planning (which might include preparation of marketing materials, brochures and promotional items, such as wristbands with a message, silicone rubber bracelets, tyvek wristbands for events, pens, mugs with company logo, etc.)

-         - Exhibiting a booth;

-         - Selling skills;

-         - Advanced follow up.

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Organizing Special Events: Make Your Party a Success

No matter how busy we get, most of us still enjoy taking the time to create a special event to entertain family and friends or to attend a party. When we think about it, some of our happiest memories are centered around special events such as birthday parties, holidays or family times.

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a 4-year old, or a second wedding for someone past 40, here are some tips for a successful special event.

  • As a rule, stand-up cocktail parties are less expensive and easier to control than sit-down dinners, but both can be accomplished inexpensively.
  • Select a date at least 3 months in advance and prepare your guest list. The more planning time you have, the more money you can save.
  • Guests are part of the atmosphere. Let people know what to wear. Most parties today are casual, so people need to be reminded if you are planning a more formal affair. If you plan to have a party elsewhere than your house, remember that places that offer alcohol beverages require younger folks to present ID before that will be given vinyl wristbands, or other type of event wristbands.
  • Shop for party goods on sale. After holidays, you can pick up solid-colored paper products for 50% off. For example, use black Halloween napkins for New Year ’s Eve or stock up on red Christmas items for Valentine’s day.
  • Choose a theme. A creative theme can make a party really special without spending a dime. It can be as obvious as a holiday or as simple as a color. Then plan everything around it. Colorful napkins, decorative items, funny custom event wristbands easily add up to the atmosphere.
  • Don’t get too complicated. No last minute food preparation should take more than 15-20 minutes. For creative décor, use confetti sprinkled on the table to add a little sparkle. Children’s toys like dolls, or tiny furniture, can become a display depending on your party theme. Remember, inexpensive balloons and streamers are still mainstays at even the glitziest events.
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Offer Festival Discounts for Frequent Riders and Players

Holiday parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate spring season. Those with lots of events and activities and that last more than one day give everyone, especially families, a chance to go together and experience the sights and smells of the season. It is a time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves are beginning to appear. It is one last opportunity for vendors to make the most of the outdoors before it gets too hot. A two or three day event brings out grown-ups and kids alike.

Going back to the same part of town two or three days in a row gives people a chance to see everything once and see their favorite things again and again. Playing carnival games, jumping in the bouncy house or going for pony rides are all a lot of fun. Rather than buying tokens or paying for each day, vendors have taken to selling discount event wristbands. Rather than paying a set price for each game played, these customized wristbands can be bought for endless games for two days. This is great for kids who love to play the same game over and over and over until they win. A group of vendors can pool their resources and join forces. Anyone who buys custom event wristbands for a day can have multiple chances. This is helpful for parents who want to let their children have fun but cannot afford to keep buying tickets or tokens all weekend long...

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Sequentially Numbered Event Wristbands Do More Than Just Count Heads

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to give out door prizes and count heads at your next event? Do it with silicone wristbands or custom event wristbands.
One of our featured products is the sequentially numbered event wristband. Each one has a different number on it, all the way up to 1,000 minimum. If you are hosting an event where you want to know exactly how many people have come in, issue sequentially numbered event wristbands at the door. Give strict instructions to people with business name tags or employee name badges working the door or registration table that each person entering gets one. That way, you won’t have to walk around later and try to do a head count or tally up registration forms. You will know exactly how many attendees you have; all you need to do is look at the last numbered wristband.

If you have more than one entrance, give each entrance team a different fill color wristband to hand out to participants. Choose from red, white, black, light blue, dark
blue wristbands or no fill at all. These come in youth and adult sizes...
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Order Your Custom Event Wristbands Today

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you haven’t ordered custom event wristbands for your party yet, now is the time to start thinking about it. We have special tyvek wristband holiday patterns for your Christmas and New Year’s events. Wristbands World can create custom event wristbands for a holiday gathering of any size. This is one way to show some holiday spirit. We can create wristbands for company parties, and also for clubs, church groups, youth associations, service clubs and even large family gatherings.

Some companies are large enough to rent out a banquet hall or part of a restaurant for their events. Many establishments will host a number of holiday parties on the same night, dividing groups into different rooms. This works well until your group is the one with the nicest atmosphere, best food and hottest music. The best way to make sure that your group’s patrons are the only ones receiving what you are paying for is to give out event wristbands as they check in at the door upon arrival. Party crashers will not be allowed in and each approved attendee will have the right wristband...

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