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Keep gatecrashers and the bad guys out with ultra security wristbands

Posted by Wristbands on 4/30/2014
One of the most important aspects of any event, party or festival is the security. Wristbands are used extensively today to replace ticket admission because it proves to be an effective tool for event identification and admission.

Promotional marketing with custom printed wristbands

Posted by Michael on 4/12/2014 to Wristbands
Marketing a special event or a new product launch is not easy. There are many ways in which you can get the message across and a lot of companies are turning towards custom printed wristbands because they are stylish, affordable as well as easy to customize. Custom printed wristbands make it easy to generate response from the target audience and are versatile enough to be used by large companies, charity organizations, event management companies and by just about anyone who wants to get their message across. 

Creative and Fun Uses for Wristbands

Posted by Dean on 3/27/2014 to Wristbands
Wristbands have long served a variety of practical functions, from allowing guests admittance at a VIP event to identifying patients in a hospital setting. However, you don't have to run a company or be an event planner to use wristbands; they can make private parties, school events and even family get-togethers memorable. All you need is a little creativity.

Raising Awareness with Wristbands

Posted by Michael on 3/12/2014 to Wristbands
In today's world, there are many different methods of advertising and raising awareness. There’s the internet, billboard ads, TV ads, word-of-mouth promoting, handing out flyers, holding events, etc. A new and interesting method of raising awareness is emerging with the use of wristbands as a popular way to reach a wide and diverse market. Most of this is due to its convenient nature and extreme visibility. If someone’s got a colorful wristband on their hand, people are likely to see and notice it. The message to be advertised is printed on it, and almost everyone whom the person wearing it meets will see it; this is very different from adverts that have to be placed at strategic places to catch the eyes of the target market.

4 reasons why every event host should use wristbands

Posted by Dean on 2/18/2014 to Barcode Wristbands
When hosting an event at a bar or other venue, one should keep track of visitors. Some opt to give out tickets or other physical pieces of paper which people can carry around to prove that they paid the admission fee. However, this is cumbersome for employees and customers of the business. Luckily, one has other opportunities to track attendees and avoid any problems. One way to do so is to use a discount wristband. In fact, here are three reasons why every event host should use wristbands.
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