Novelty items have long been useful for promoting study habits, performance and unity in the educational setting. Wristbands are great tools to use in such efforts, providing a means of encouraging student participation and a sense of excellence. The types of wristbands available and the variety of themes and designs makes it easy to adapt this simple item to numerous needs in the school environment, and customization options allow for even greater creativity in their use.

Unity and Identity

Wristbands are simple tools to consider in building a sense of school spirit. Whether you want to emphasize school colors or highlight a school logo, you can look for a wristband to use in the effort. Customized neoprene or silicone wristbands work beautifully as affordable fundraising items as well. Whether it's the student council or the cheer squad that needs to increase its budget, wristbands are excellent for both in-school and in-the-community efforts.

Wristbands can also be used to develop identity in smaller groups in a school environment. For example, a middle school teacher who is involved in teaming may find that wristbands are perfect for providing students with a tool to demonstrate their belonging to that group. A significant part of the teaming process is developing a sense of belonging and identity, making team logos and colors important considerations. On a tight budget, the teachers on a team can use affordable tools like wristbands to achieve these objectives.


School events can be challenging to manage, especially when multiple grades or classes are involved. From field day to school dances, wristbands provide an effective means of managing participation. Use wristbands to designate who has paid admission to a special event. Use color-coordination to identify students from different classes or grades at an all-school event. Basic bands in solid colors are excellent, providing a visual way to keep track of students. Variety packs with multiple colors of bands enable you to keep costs down while increasing your management options, excellent for schools with small student populations. Bulk ordering of specific colors can be beneficial for schools with larger student populations.

Simple use of colors and materials is common for managing activities in the classroom and in a school at large. Wristbands fit easily into a variety of plans, and affordability makes it easy to be creative in your efforts. You can incorporate these items into lesson plans, use them to recognize achievements or include them in student awards. Both specialty and basic bands can be used easily to enhance your activities at various levels in the educational environment.