You are brilliant! You came up with the creative brainstorm of providing customized wristbands for your next big event! What a fabulous idea. Now, you just want to make sure they are a total hit. Here are three elements to consider when creating your one-of-kind wristband. Keep these factors in mind and you are sure to give away a treasure worth keeping.

First, pick your color. Wristbands make perfect reunion gifts, so you can tie them in to your school colors. They also make great shower gifts. Consider nursery colors for baby showers. Wristbands come in every shade of pastel from baby pink to the softest mint green to delightful powder blue. Having a bridal shower? Your options are limitless. You can opt for white and black or customize the colors to match the hue's the bride has picked for her wedding. If you can think can think of a color, you can make a wristband in that shade.

Next, add a date. You can use the exact date of your event or just the season or the year. You could use: Jones Family Reunion 2013, or, St. Pat's 2014. Anniversaries and weddings are great ocassions for using specific dates.

Third, and most importantly, make your wristbands fun. The only rules to wristband design is there are no rules. You can go with thin, medium, or wide widths, vary the colors, add glitter and glow. You really cannot go wrong if you have fun with the design process.

Just remember, your wristbands will be the a timeless memorable keepsake attendees will hang on to long after the party's over. They are small, durable, portable, affordable, and thoughtful. How smart of you to come up with the perfect party favor. You finally found the ideal keepsake, and a treasure worth keeping.