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Woven Wristbands

Great security features abound with this wristband. The wristbands are woven into your custom pattern in up to 4 colors. Several security features are available. The secure aluminum sleeve is crushed, using a crimping tool, around the wristband. It is virtually impossible to remove the aluminum sleeve without destroying it. This feature requires a special crimping tool. The biggest drawback is that it can create a slow entry unless multiple security people have the crimping tool at the gate. The other alternatives are the one way plastic slide security with one way teeth. The teeth dig into the material and shred it if someone tries to remove it. These are amazingly efficient and quick application means the line into your event moves smoothly and steadily. We also have the plastic snap feature like the plastic and vinyl wristbands. The woven material is pre-punched to allow the male/female snaps to securely fasten the wristbands to the wrist, preventing transfer.

Because woven wristbands are great security -- fast application, secure closure and your custom logo can be woven into the fabric -- woven wristbands are a great choice for any event. They are comfortable and durable. The wristbands can be embroidered or printed with up to eight colors. Use graphics, logos, and lettering to identify different groups of attendees or to advertise your institution or event. In the event that you have very complex graphics, we use sublimation printing on smoother stock to provide the best quality images.

 The wristband is slightly over 12 inches long and can fit most wrists with ease. The wristbands are made with highly durable and feather-light polyester.

These woven wristbands are offered with a choice of three excellent security closures. A plastic snap, a plastic slide with one-way teeth, and aluminum sheath. Each security tie goes on quickly and efficiently, which allows for rapid processing of entrants or attendees. The secure aluminum closure cannot be removed unless the wristbands are cut off. The aluminum closure is applied with a special crimping tool. The plastic snap and teeth are simple to apply and help the band remain securely on the wrist. Because of their strong construction, wristbands cannot be sold or passed on once applied to the wrist. The wristbands must be ordered in quantities of 500 or more. They are excellent for large scale events or repeat events. Call us at 253 841 4057 for discounts for buying higher quantities.

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