There are so many things that people complain about when it comes to wearing wristbands. It's itchy! It's tight! It doesn't go with my outfit! When you throw a party or event, you are constantly working on the details of the celebration and making sure everything is perfect from the band to the food, the last thing you want to hear about is how uncomfortable the wristband is! Avoid those annoying issues, here are a few things you may want to think about when searching for a wristband to pass out at your next gala:

Color: If your event has a theme or color scheme that you are trying to stick with, look for wristbands to match. There is nothing uglier than looking back at photos of a high end event and having your eye drawn to bright red wristbands! Think about more neutral shades for your party and even silver or gold hues for a more formal gathering.

Use: If you are planning to hand out ticket stubs for drawings or raffles, cut your cost and the chances that your guests will lose their stubs significantly by distributing wrist bands that already contain numbers on them. This is just one more way to make life a little easier on you and guests when trying to stay organized.

Materials: Order wristbands that are comfortable! They DO exist! Stretchy bands that are rounded and that won't cut into your guests wrist also prevents itching - eliminating most of the complaints.

Cost: There are wristbands available that are affordable. Check out the bulk options to lower costs and specials that are being offered at the time of your event. Don't waste your money on bands that guests will just tear or take off anyway, research the most affordable bands without having to sacrifice quality!