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Under 21
Under 21

Under 21 Tyvek (500)

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Under 21
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Under 21 Tyvek wristbands.

The name is pretty self explanatory. These wristbands are printed in waterproof ink so use in swimming pools works well. Pool parties, or events where alcohol is served lets those serving the drinks know the person wearing the wristband is under age. If it is a public event, the security people are on alert to be sure there isn't alcohol being consumed by a minor. They come in a nice variety of 5 colors. Security slits behind aggressive adhesive keeps them from being transferred or reapplied if removed. Consecutive numbers are provided within each box of 500.  1 Quantity upon checkout = 500 wristbands

Questions? Please call 253 841 4057. We appreciate your business. 

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