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Soft PVC Wristbands

This wristband is so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing it. We also call this one, Comfort Vinyl, for obvious reasons.  There are no sharp edges to chafe the skin. One time use plastic snap. The same colors are available as the plastic wrist bands. The soft PVC vinyl wristbands come in various colors. Aqua, Blue, Green, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Red, Sunfire, Light Blue, Lime and Orange.

PVC wristbands are light weight single use bracelets designed to be easily visible and inexpensive. Our soft PVC wristbands are the best value for your work or other projects. These disposable wristbands are easy to print with any pertinent information to suit your needs. Hospitals and clinics love the ease of having a patient's most important information displayed immediately on their patients in emergencies. Our soft pvc wristbands are soft enough for any individual to wear even for extended periods. They are a low cost option for sensitive skin and will not chafe your patients or their visitors.

They are durable, weather resistant and are easy to put on. They are easy to clean. These soft PVC wristbands are a perfect choice for outdoor events like concerts, fairs and conventions. They are an affordable option for the coordinators of any event indoors or out. Each one has a single use plastic snap that is easy to use, adjustable and tamper evident. The wristbands discolor slightly when stretched or when anyone tries to remove them. Many events need color coordinated wristbands to identify certain workers or guests. We have many colors that are bright and easy to distinguish. Our high quality wristbands are printed to your specifications and numbered absolutely free. You won't find pvc wristbands anywhere else at this low price and we stand behind our high quality wristbands with pride. If you have any questions please look at our website or call our customer line at 253-841-4057.

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