Contests and giveaways can be a great way to draw participation in your event. While wristbands are easily recognized as tools for managing attendance at an activity, they can also be used to develop promotions that will add to the interest of your event. The organization that can put a new spin on an old idea may well stand out long after the specific activity has concluded.

Drawings and Giveaways

Many events include door prizes as fun activities to promote the interest and excitement of participants. Whether it's a community business consortium or the annual fair, drawing tickets are common options for managing such promotions. Wristbands with tear-off stubs make this a more participant-friendly activity. Using numbered wristbands with stubs that display matching numbers, your committee can maintain the ability to randomly draw from the pool of participants. At the same time, those present at your event can participate without having to keep track of a loose drawing ticket. A wristband is easily accessible, making it simple to check when a winning number is announced. This is especially great for events like fairs that involve a lot of moving around.

Color Coordination

Use of colors on wristbands can make it possible to manage different giveaways and promotions at an event. Using multiple colors of bands, those in charge of such promotions can include a limited number of bands of a specific color to designate some of the attendees for special activities or gifts. Perhaps each person with a certain type of band will automatically receive a door prize. You might offer those with the special bands the chance to participate in a contest or enter a cash grab booth for a set time. There are endless possibilities based on the creativity of your committee and the extent of your budget for such promotional activities. Wristbands serve as the unique means of selecting your participants.

Promotional Purposes

Providing wristbands to participants in an event can also be used as a way to prompt further business activity. Customization is an excellent way to accomplish this as you explain your promotion in writing. Examples of possibilities include free items or discounts when the band is returned at your place of business. Again, a limited supply of high-value discounts can be offered on some of the bands to increase interest and participation. Recognize that wristbands from an event are usually taken off quickly after the conclusion of the activity, making the timing of such promotional offers an important consideration.

Wristbands range in material and design, enabling an event organizer to find many options to address different interests for event planning. Look for comfortable design, customization choices and quantity discounts as you develop your promotion.