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Patriotic Wave tyvek
Patriotic Wave tyvek

Patriotic Wave tyvek

Your Price: $19.00
Part Number: 240
Quantity Price
6 - 10 $18.75
11 - 16 $18.25
17 - 20 $18.00
21 - 35 $17.25
36 - 50 $16.00
51+ $15.00

Patriotic Wave Tyvek. 

The patriotic Tyvek wristband is a favorite for 4th of July, Veterans Day festivities, parades, as well as picnics, bar-b-que outings and many other functions. The colorful design is easy to spot at a distance so keeping track of those who are part of your event is easy. The wristbands are pre-numbered so you can keep track of the number of people in attendance. The aggressive adhesive behind the tamper proof slits prevent transfer from one person to another. They are a one time use wristband. If they get wet, it isn't an issue. They can even be worn in swimming pools and at beach parties. 1 Quantity in the checkout form = 1 box of 500 wristbands. When you enter your quantity, please be sure to put in the number of boxes of 500, not the total number of wristbands you need. We have had people enter 1000 in the form when they really wanted 2 boxes for 1000 wristbands. If you should have any questions about ordering, please call 253 841 4057 and we are happy to help. 

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