The holidays are quickly approaching. If you haven’t ordered custom event wristbands for your party yet, now is the time to start thinking about it. We have special tyvek wristband holiday patterns for your Christmas and New Year’s events. Wristbands World can create custom event wristbands for a holiday gathering of any size. This is one way to show some holiday spirit. We can create wristbands for company parties, and also for clubs, church groups, youth associations, service clubs and even large family gatherings.

Some companies are large enough to rent out a banquet hall or part of a restaurant for their events. Many establishments will host a number of holiday parties on the same night, dividing groups into different rooms. This works well until your group is the one with the nicest atmosphere, best food and hottest music. The best way to make sure that your group’s patrons are the only ones receiving what you are paying for is to give out event wristbands as they check in at the door upon arrival. Party crashers will not be allowed in and each approved attendee will have the right wristband.

As long as there are minors and alcohol present, businesses and associations need to protect themselves from problems with the Alcoholic Beverage Control board. Unfortunately, even during holiday parties IDs need to be checked so that no underage drinking occurs. Since our event tyvek wristbands are available in 2 colors, red and green, this is a great way to politely make sure that servers know who can have alcoholic beverages and who can’t. This may make the difference between a restaurant or club allowing everyone in your group in the establishment and closing off the party to those over the age of 21 with the help of custom event wristbands.