Certain places or events allow exclusive access only to people who are considered a VIP guest. Before the event opens, a crowd gathers outside, eagerly waiting for that velvet rope, door or gate to open. To avoid problems, the event staff needs a way to quickly know who is allowed in and who is not. Colorful VIP wristbands are the perfect solution.

Customized wristbands are easy to hand out, and people enjoy wearing them. Wristband World offers a large selection of wristbands. Choosing the right wristband for the event comes down to personal preference.

Wristbands that sparkle in colors of gold, silver, green and red are perfect for upscale parties and wedding receptions. They are classy and go great with casual or formal attire.

Silicone wristbands are extremely popular. They are durable and look great plain or imprinted with a customized message. 

Give your attendees a cool wristband with 10 detachable stubs. Attendees pull off the stubs and trade them in for special offers, gifts or prizes. This system saves guests from carrying around lots of tickets.

Tamper-proof Tyvek paper wristbands are great for large events that require a manageable level of security. These brightly-colored wristbands stay secure with strong adhesive material. The bands are numbered to allow for strict crowd control.

Not everyone is allowed access to a private event. A great way to ensure that VIP guests gain quick access is to give them a special wristband. A customized wristband created for important guests is an affordable and easy way to ensure VIP guests do not get lost in the crowd.