Throwing an event of any size can drive someone to the edge! Worrying about every little detail from making sure the food comes out hot to wondering if it's going to rain can drive a person nuts. When I was asked to head up a charity event for our office, I simply could not say "no". When your boss asks you to do something, not doing it is not an option. So, as I began to hesitantly plan for our first annual dinner, dancing, drawing and donation event, I looked into tickets for the end of the night drawing. 

We were raffling off a trip for two to our bosses beach house - a great prize, but I ran into the problem of having hundreds of people and ticket stubs to keep track of among the other 3,000 things to do. This just wouldn't work. I got online and looked for an alternate options to ticket stubs and found wristbands that work as tickets. Each band contains a number that matches the number you enter into the drawing. 

This simple method saved me time and hours of heartburn, an excellent idea that turned out great! The event went off without a hitch and I will be using these wristbands for every event! We raised money for charity and I am up for a raise at the end of the month, making me thankful for saying "yes" to becoming our office party planner.