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Medical Limb Alert Wristbands
Medical Limb Alert Wristbands

Medical LIMB ALERT Wristbands, 500 per box

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Medical Limb Alert
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Limb Alert Medical Wristbands

Color-coded wristbands are increasingly popular in hospitals because they enhance the safety of patients, reduce medical errors, identify medical conditions and help staff members treat each situation and patient in the right way. Our Medical Limb Alert Wristbands have been designed to help hospitals and medical facilities enhance the effectiveness and safety of their patient treatment by providing easy to spot wristbands that are comfortable and are easy to put on the patient. This allows staff members to identify specific patient requirements and address them accordingly.

These preprinted Medical Limb Alert Wristbands are made from high quality, latex free,  materials to ensure they will not break off easily. The plastic security snaps are made for single one time use. The wristbands are available with bold black print to make them highly visible. Each box includes 500 wristbands to provide hospitals an affordable option to order color coded medical alert wristbands. Our customer service team is always available to help you with order placement as well as to answer any queries you may have. Call us today to place an order at 253 841 4057, or fax your PO to 253 840 8278 instead of using the order form. 

Quantity discounts are available and will be processed upon checkout. Discounts start at 10 boxes of 500. 

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