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Medical Latex Allergy Alert Wristbands
Medical Latex Allergy Alert Wristbands

LATEX ALLERGY alert wristbands, 500 per box

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Latex Allergy Alert wristbands
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Latex Allergy Wristbands

Medical Latex Allergy Alert wristbands are 3/4" x 10" made from strong material that is latex free. They come pre-printed with nice visible letters for the latex warning easy to see. One time use Plastic snaps are used to ensure a safe and secure closure so the wristbands do not come off accidentally. Latex allergy can be devastating to a person who is allergic. This condition really needs to be brought to the attention of staff who constantly use rubber gloves to avoid contamination. Latex is a very popular material in gloves and is widely used, but unfortunately, there are many people who get severe reaction to the latex material. These wristbands serve as an alert to the staff to use gloves that are latex free on people wearing the wristbands.  1 Quantity = 500 wristbands. 

Quantity discounts are available and will be processed upon check out. If you have questions, please feel free to call 253 841 4057. You can fax your PO to 253 840 8278 if you wish and not use the website. We are happy to be of service. Thank you for choosing Discount Wristbands, affiliate of Wristband World LLC.    

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