Year after year, dozens of companies allocate capital to fund extravagant marketing campaigns with the hopes of getting their name into a potential customer's mind. Sometimes it is effective and they get results, but most of the time it is a lost cause. Luckily, there are new and inexpensive ways of getting your product into the minds of customers in a memorable way. Wristbands have become not only an effective form of promotion, but a modern and mainstream fashion accessory.

Using wristbands for promotional purposes was first popularized by Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" campaign. The yellow silicone band has become a symbol of the philanthropic efforts put forth to help fund the fight against cancer. From there the trend has grown tremendously, with nearly every Fortune 500 company using the platform to help promote their causes.

So why wristbands? Well, having personalized wristbands made is very inexpensive, especially if you compare it with more traditional advertisement campaigns. They are effective in getting your company's name out there because when they are given to a potential customer they will actually use it. While a t-shirt or hat might get used once, then thrown into the back of the closet, a wristband isn't such a blatant advertising ploy. They can put it on their wrist to add to their outfit and look fashionable. It will be with them when they get on the train, when they are making dinner and when they wake up in the morning. It serves as a constant reminder that your company is the one to chose when looking for services in any given field.

Trends come and go, especially in advertising, but with wristbands being so inexpensive to produce and the customers being very receptive to them, they are one trend that is here to stay.