When planning a large event, crowd control is usually a primary concern. This is especially true of events at which alcohol will be served or if an entry fee will be charged. Keeping track of the guests who are in compliance with the event's rules and distinguishing those who have not yet paid the admission fee or presented required ID can be extremely difficult. In situations like these, wristbands can be a cost-effective, easily identifiable option. Furthermore, event coordinators may use wristbands in multiple colors if there is a need to divide the crowd into groups. With a wide variety of colors, materials, patterns, and even customization options available, wristbands can be made to match the theme and decorative requirements of virtually any occasion.

Wristbands offer several logistical advantages to other methods of crowd control. For example, placing a stamp on attendees' hands may be a temporary solution as the ink may rub off at some point. Moreover, some people may be allergic to the chemicals that are contained in the ink; therefore, attaching a wristband is much safer. In addition to being easily displayed on the body, wrist bands are superior to paper tickets as tickets can easily be misplaced. Attaching a wristband to attendees also greatly reduces the potential for creating litter as the band will generally remain attached to the attendee's wrist and is less likely to be inadvertently dropped onto the ground during or after the event. 

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