Wristbands have long served a variety of practical functions, from allowing guests admittance at a VIP event to identifying patients in a hospital setting. However, you don't have to run a company or be an event planner to use wristbands; they can make private parties, school events and even family get-togethers memorable. All you need is a little creativity.

Wristbands for School Events

Silicon or Neoprene wristbands printed with the school's motto and mascot make a great memento of class graduation day. The wristbands can be handed out either as students reach the podium to receive their diploma or when they arrive at the ceremony's location. 

Likewise, colorful wristbands printed with the school name make a great gift to hand out to each class on their first day of school. Switch the color each year, and the wristbands become a memorable item that students can collect to mark the passage of their elementary, junior or senior high school years. 

For schools on a limited budget, wristbands may be distributed as token gifts to parents who make contributions at a fundraiser. 

Wristbands for Private Parties and Family Events

A box of colorful or patterned Tyvek wristbands makes a fun statement at a small party or gathering, signaling to guests that this simple get-together is really a serious VIP event. Tyvek wristbands come printed in a variety of holiday themes for seasonal gatherings or birthdays; there are also a number of patterns that can help establish the mood of a bash held for no particular reason.

Wristbands printed with the family name make a great memento for family reunions. Creative hosts can think of a tagline that typifies the family experience and have that printed on the wristband, or a pattern or image that represents the family's particular style can be chosen. 

More easily packed than a coffee mug and more original than a tee shirt, wristbands make the event official without being an overpowering statement. They are great fun to use as party favors and are small enough to be easily saved, providing a lasting memory of time spent with a group of friends or loved ones.