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Arrows Pattern (500)

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Tyvek Arrows pattern
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Arrows Pattern

Arrows are offered as a different pattern choice to provide an alternate from the ordinary. The pattern is unique and, since they are a full 1 inch wide, they are easily seen from a distance. This allows recognition of a guest without having to approach them to be sure they belong at your event. They offer security for your function as well as being comfortable to wear. The Tyvek material is totally water proof, so swimming can be part of the fun if desired. To keep an accurate count of guests attending your party, the sequential numbers within each box of 500 will help with that application. Each wristband is made from the Tyvek material which is strong enough to withstand abuse. They have tamper proof slits behind an aggressive adhesive for a secure closure. Although strong, the Tyvek is fiberous. With the adhesive holding fast, the Tyvek will shred apart at the tamper proof slits so it can't be transferred or reused. These are good, low cost security. When you enter 1 Quantity into the order form, you are purchasing 500 wristbands for the low price of $18.00. 

Thank you for your business. We appreciate it very much. If you have questions, please call 253 841 4057. 

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