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Allergy Alert Hospital Braclet in L Shape (500)
L Shape Allergy Alert Medical bands

Allergy Alert Hospital Braclet in L Shape (500)

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L-Shape Allergy Alert Hospital Wristband
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Allergy Alert hospital bands L shape

Alergy Alert wristbands in L-Shape vinyl. 3/4" x 10". These are preprinted and in kept in stock so shipment usually occurs on the same day of your order. The L Shape  is the most popular style of allergy alert wristbands because of its comfort and easy visibility. Keeping staff alert to possible medicinal or food allergies is critical for patient safety. They have the one time use plastic snap which are very secure and difficult to remove or lose. These wristbands help alert hospital staff to alergies suffered by the patient. Preventing possible reactions by the patient and liablilties to the hospital is of primary concern to all those involved in patient care.  1 Quantity = 500 wristbands.

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