If you are hosting a fundraiser, running a hospital or conducting an event for people over a certain age, handing out wristbands can be a good idea. Wristbands can be color-coded to help staff easily identify who is allowed to be in a restricted area or purchase an adult product. Here are a few more reasons to use a wristband:

1) Keep Kids From Buying Beer

Certain venues allow people over the age of 18 but under the age of 21 to enter the venue at certain times. If you are allowing minors under the age of 21 into a venue that serves alcohol, giving those over 21 a wristband easily lets bartenders know to only serve those people.

2) Identify Top Donors At A Fundraiser

If you are holding a fundraiser, you can use wristbands to distinguish top donors from others at the event. Top donors can then be recognized or allowed access to a V.I.P section before, during or after the event. 

3) Keep Tabs On A Child Or Pet

A wristband can help you keep tabs on a child or animal that likes to roam out of your sight. If you cat has a wristband with its name and a phone number on it, it can be returned to you if it gets lost or runs away. Schools can use wristbands to keep track of where children are while on a field trip or other activity.

4) Insert A Barcode On The Wristband To Track Sales

A barcode can be used to keep track of a bar tab without asking for a credit card or any other payment card. If the technology is available, it may be possible to link that barcode to an electronic account where the money can be withdrawn when the tab is closed. 

5) Promote A Cause

Those who run a foundation or are looking to raise awareness for their cause can use a wristband to accomplish that goal. Nonprofit organizers can create wristbands that have the organization's logo and other contact information on it. That makes it easier for potential donors or sponsors to contact you if they want to help.

Wristbands are a simple tool that can relay a variety of messages to an audience. Whether you are looking to help a charity or keep tabs on minors, a wristband is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure success.