1. Plastic Wristbands 10 Color Variety Pack (50 per color)
10 Color Plastic Variety Pack
10 Color Plastic Variety Pack

Plastic Wristbands 10 Color Variety Pack (50 per color)

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Wristbands, Plastic Straightwave wristbands: 10 colors of 50 per color
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Plastic 5 color variety pack

3/4" x 10" plastic wristbands featuring the one time use plastic security snaps. The 10 color plastic combination pack is offered in a variety of colors for those who need small quantities of various colors, but who do not want to purchase 10 full boxes to get them. We break apart boxes to offer the best selection of colors and we try to keep them as different as possible in the boxes. No Numbering is available, nor is custom printing available for variety packs. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands in 10 different colors.
If you call 253 841 4057, we can tailor you color selections and quantities to meet your individual needs. 

Available Colors are: Aqua, Black, Blue, Gold (brownish), Green, Light Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Sunfire (salmon), Purple, Red, Silver Grey, White, Yellow    

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