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Slap Bands

These fun slap-in-place wristbands, also known as slap bands, became an overnight sensation with kids and teenagers in the '80s and '90s. Slap bands were often worn in multiples and kids often maintained vast collections of the colorful bracelets. There was no shortage of these multicolored designs at any store and the patterns were often intricate, bright and colorful. Kids had fun trading them at school and giving them to their friends as tokens of friendship.

Slap band wristbands have since regained popularity and kids are once again having fun with wearing these cute and customizable bands on their wrists. There are many other great things that one can use slap bands for, such as including them in kids party bags as party favors, handing them out as door prizes for local charities and school fundraisers, and using them to promote recreational events.

Slap band wristbands have regained their popularity for several reasons. First, they are relatively inexpensive to make and are sturdy in design. They are also easily customizable and can be made to fit any particular color scheme. They are also so much fun to wear, and kids and teenagers get a kick out of wearing them and matching them to their outfits. These fun and creative wristbands make wonderful gifts, party favors and are a great way to make a fashion statement.
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Slap Bands
Slap Bands
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