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Shipping of Wristbands

Customers outside the U.S. should call in (253-841-4057) or email your orders directly to our email address (discountwristbands@comcast.net . The website does not do well for shipping costs outside the U.S.
Shipping is necessary to get your order to you in a timely manner.UPS does a terrific job of delivering your packages on time. The charges on this website come directly from the UPS link. With very small orders, the shipping price may seem too high, but there is more than meets the eye. The profit margin on one box of wristbands is very very small. By the time we pay for boxes, printing shipping lables, paying for credit card processing fees, website fees and various other charges before we ship an order, the profit for small orders reaches a point where it is almost not worth the effort. This is why most websites only ship in boxes of 1000. We try to keep our prices down and offer the 500 per box quantity because we realize that 1000 is usually more wristbands than people need for small events. We cater to customers who need small quantites, as well as those who order millions each year. It is our hope that the value of our service, the quality of our products, and our efforts to meet your needs, will make a positive difference in your life.  
Shipping companies perform a valuable service in getting our products to you. It is a necessary tool and we appreciate their services. We feel that UPS is worth every penny they charge because without them, things would be far more difficult in getting our orders to you.
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