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Litter-Free Wristbands

If you don't like dealing with the little paper covering that protects the adhesive on the regular Tyvek wristbands, then the Litter Free Tyvek wristbands may be just what you are looking for. Just peel the cover back, fold it away from the adhesive, and apply the wristband as you normally would.

Tired of Cleaning up messes made by using traditional Tyvek wristbands? Would you like to keep the facility looking better during an event and easier to clean after?

Litter-free Tyvek wrist bands have three huge benefits: Litter-free wristbands are one of the cleanest wristbands on the market. The innovative design of this wristband removes the need for a paper cover that often ends up on the ground and makes the facility look bad. Litter-free wristbands keep things convenient. Without the paper covers on the ground there’s less mess to clean up which means you spend less time cleaning up. You also spend less time maintaining a professional looking facility. While standard wristbands can get the job done, why not add some flare and customize your litter-free wristband. Would you like to add your company name? What about a slogan? With the option of wristband color, ink color and the ability to use a slogan or image you can add custom print to your wristbands for a reasonable setup fee plus the cost of the litter-free wristbands.

Litter Free wristbands are great for saving the current venue from having to deal with the litter experienced when using the regular tyvek wristbands. The small piece of paper covering the adhesive can be bothersome when it flutters away in the wind causing unsightly litter in your area. It is our hope that this will solve that problem for people who are annoyed by this problem.
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Wristbands, Litter Free Tyvek (500 per box)
Wristbands, Litter Free Tyvek (500 per box)
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