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Wristbands: Easy Crowd Control For Special Events

Posted by Administrator on 12/29/2011 to Wristbands
Big parties and gatherings can be so much fun, and food and drinks, music, contests, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning a holiday party or great event. While all those details are rather exciting to plan, one critical step could mean the difference between a fun, successful party and chaos: events crowd control.

One easy step is to designate security personnel. There should be at least one security person for every 50 people expected at the event. Keep in mind that the purpose of security is not to impede a good time, but to quickly nip a potential problem in the bud.

Another easy way to maintain organization and minimize trouble is to use colored tyvek wristbands or vinyl wristbands. If you’re checking tickets or IDs at the door, this should be a very simple task. Have multiple colored paper wristbands for varying level of admission. For example, at a music festival, discreetly designate the allowances of guests and their access to perks. Those who donate a minimal amount, identified by a blue wristband, have access to all music performances, free parking, and access to food vendors. Moderate donors, who get yellow event wristbands, get VIP seating for the musical performances, preferred parking and tickets redeemable for free food and beverages. The platinum donors, with white wristbands, have access to VIP seating, backstage passes, and unlimited food and beverages. If the festival staff know the meaning of all wristbands for event, the crowd will be easily controlled, preventing chaos.

For smaller events, you may choose to use two different plastic wristbands to identify those who can legally drink from minors. Checking IDs at the bar can be time consuming and frustrating in low lights and with numerous requests. Wristbands for event security are an incredibly helpful detail, no matter the size of your special event.
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anna Date 7/21/2012 8:00:56 AM
Attention, For those that will come with wristbands with the specification "Legally Drinks", have to come in the possession of those wristbands only after they were verified if the age of legal to consume alcohol. This is to prevent the minors ,because they can't dispose of such a wristbands, and to avoid problems. So be careful! And for children who are "lost in the clouds" who participate at a small event, it can be used the extra hand wristband at hand wich hasn't a wristband, with spe
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