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Posted by Administrator on 11/9/2011 to Wristbands
Centuries ago, in the times of balls, masquerades and dinner parties, there arose a need for a way to easily identify guests from unknown or unwanted intruders. The solution was to send out an invitation, the great-grandmother of the event ticket. These invitations were checked at the door of the event, usually by a servant or butler, and those without invitations were not permitted to come into the party without approval from the host. More recently, those invitations evolved into tickets. Tickets were either collected upon entry, or torn and returned to the guest. Yet another modern evolution in party control is the use of wristbands. Let’s think about some of the goals of events and decide which of the three is more appropriate. Keep in mind that if there is no event marketing or advertising for the event, the place and time must be disclosed through some sort of invitation, written or verbal.

Access Levels - Once inside the event, there may be the need to identify different groups of people, such as general admission and VIP. Tickets may be lost and cannot be identified without inconveniencing the guest. Tyvek wristbands or vinyl wristbands allow staff to monitor the crowd from the opposite side of the room.

The winner?


Re-Entry - If people need to leave and come back in (this could happen for a variety of reasons), you’ll need a way to identify returning guests from intruders. Tickets, once again, can be easily lost or left with a companion inside, and a “no re-entry” policy is inconvenient, so the best solution is to allow free guest flow in and out of the event.

The winner?


You’re not throwing a party in the 19th century, nor are you a control freak who wants to dictate every aspect of their guests’ experience, so just pick up some durable, waterproof plastic wristbands for event security and crowd control and have a smarter party.

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