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Custom print your 5 Stub Vinyl

Custom print your 5 Stub Vinyl

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Custom print your 5 Stub Vinyl

Organize your next big event with these custom-printed, adjustable wristbands, which have five perforated stubs on each band. Add text or small images to each of the five stubs to track guest participation in various areas, such as a game booth or a food venue. The bands are ideal for admission to carnivals, clubs and festivals. The wristbands are available in four colors: blue, red, neon lime green and yellow glow. Choose from black, blue, green or red ink to imprint your text or images onto the band. Supply your logo or other images for a custom look that is unique to your organization. As part of your printing options, choose to number the wristbands consecutively if you need to track their distribution. The main portion of the band, located above the perforated stubs, also is available for printing a slogan or company name. The wristbands are available in lots of 500.

Vinyl bands offer the most durable solution for your event or promotion. They won’t break down over time, and they can stand up to even the roughest wear and tear. These vinyl wristbands feature notches so that they can fit any size wrist. You can order the one band for all your guests. The band comes in colors including neon lime, blue, red and yellow glow – all colors that will get noticed and be easy for your event security to spot. Black, blue, green or red ink can be used, allowing further customizing options. The wristbands are sold in quantities of 500, so you can save by purchasing in bulk. Our customer service department is ready to help you if you need to create a larger order or to add other special options. Get the custom bands you need for your special event or promotion.

5 Stub vinyl wristbands come in 4 colors and are sold blank unless printing is purchased. They can be custom printed in a one color image with your logo and verbiage. Consecutive Numbering is available in one position only on the main part of the wristbands only. The stubs may be printed with small images and the main body of the wristbands can also be printed. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands.

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