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Custom Print Your 10 Stub Vinyl

Custom Print Your 10 Stub Vinyl

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10 stub vinyl color
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Custom Print Your 10 Stub Vinyl

You can custom print your 10 stub vinyl for a flat fee of $85.00 for as many boxes as you would like to print in one color only. We can add printing to the stubs, as shown in the graphic, plus we can add your logo or slogan to the body of the wristband as well. The stubs can not be individually numbered, but you can number the main body of the wristband in one position, along with your printing. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands with 1 one color print.

A 10-stub vinyl wristband gives you options to regulate your event security, such as by segregating guests by seating section or by performance time. Just mark off the appropriate stub on the band for easy identification and categorization. The bands are also notched, so one size will fit all your guests, helping you to minimize materials handling. You can also print your slogan or other information on the band, such as your event name or date. You can number each stub, or you can put a number on the main body of the band. Color choices include red and neon lime, both colors that will be easy to spot on guests. Our low pricing is available for quantities of 500. However, if you need larger quantities, our customer service department can help you to put together a special order to meet your company’s unique needs.

Eliminate the need for both wristbands and tickets by using custom-printed, 10-stub vinyl wristbands. Whether admission to your event includes concession tickets, you need to keep track of participation in certain facets of the event or you need to track something else entirely, 10-stub wristbands are the ideal solution. When guests arrive, they receive a wristband with 10 detachable stubs. Wristband World gives you the option of printing your logo or some other design on the body of the wristband, facilitating easy identification of valid guests. You also have the option of numbering your wristbands to help track and sort guests. When ordering, you can number the stubs on each wristband one through 10, if you so choose. To customize your wristband order, simply email a PDF of your intended design to Wristband World with your order, and wait to see a proof. Wristbands come in runs of 500, and you have the ability to choose between red or lime green vinyl.

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