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2 Color printing on Vinyl. Printing in quantities of 500

2 Color printing on Vinyl. Printing in quantities of 500

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2 Color printing on Vinyl. Printing in quantities of 500

Email your artwork to discountwristbands@comcast.net. We prefer PDF files for artwork. The 2 color printed bands are $75.00 per 500. Enter wristband quantity, wristband style, and Print fee, and your order will be processed accordingly. Wristbands come in white only because the 2 color printing will work best with that color. There are two styles available. Wideface and Straightwave 3/4" x 10" bands. 1 Quantity = 500 Wristbands.

If you are looking for quick and easy way to identify guests for an event, take a look at Wristband World's two-color printed vinyl wristbands. These vinyl wristbands accept plenty of incidental abuse from your guests without becoming unusable. At three-fourths of an inch wide, the wristbands are easy-to-see, and the 10-inch length and adjustable snap mean that they are suitable for all your guests, no matter whether they are children or adults. The white background is ideal for fully displaying the vibrancy of your color scheme, making the wristbands even easier to spot at a distance. For an even more highly visible wristband, select the wideface option when you check out. With two printed colors and the white background at your disposal, designing a unique image or pattern is simple. Simply email your custom design to the Wristband World team as a PDF document, and wait for your wristbands to arrive.

Two-color printing gives you the option to add a little color to your promotional wristbands without having to spend a lot more money. You’ll get more notice for your bands, helping to spread your message or helping your security team to regulate the flow of guests more easily. You can also choose from a variety of colors for the band itself, including blue, yellow, neon lime, red and white. White may be the best choice to help the color printing stand out, but you can be creative with your combinations to find the best choice for your branding. Choose from wide face and straight wave bands that are ¾” wide by 10” long. Orders are in quantities of 500, but bulk orders can be created by calling our customer service department. We strive to offer you the best service to give you the products you need at the prices you need.

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